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Actors by Actors Show: The Pilot Episode #001

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Imagination is probably the most important tool that we have.

Actors by Actors Show is an award winning late night talk show in which Arek Zasowski is interviewing actors and artists on a virtual Actors by Actors Show soundstage.

On the first pilot episode of the Actors by Actors Show an award winning actress Lizet Benrey is talking about her creative acting career in an interview with Arek Zasowski.

Actors by Actors Show was established to introduce actors to the wider audience, support their creative work and serve as a platform on which actors and artists share their acting experience, showcase their creative work, talk about their hopes and dreams and inspire others.

Actors by Actors Show won Audience Award Best Webisode or Pilot at the Golden State Film Festival in Hollywood, CA and was screened on a big screen in Los Angeles and in Las Vegas at various film festivals. The Actors by Actors Show was also streaming on ShortsDaily Channel available on Roku TV.

Actors By Actors Show: The Pilot Episode #001 (2021) Arek Zasowski
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