A story about love, and … not so clever jokes. Will Emily forgive Calvin?

April Fools Day is a short silent romantic comedy. A student film written and directed by Kevin Luther Apaa produced at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, CA.

Calvin has a particular sense of humour when it comes to relationships and the marriage proposal. When Emily realizes that Calvin’s proposal is nothing more than a prank she does not want to see him again. Will Emily forgive Calvin and marry him after all?

This is how Arek Zasowski’s acting career began. The very first role in a student film filmed as part of the Acting for Film workshop at the New York Film Academy in 2016.  April Fools Day was filmed at the backlot of the Universal Studios Hollywood and it was initially screened on the big screen at the New York Film Academy’s movie theatre in Burbank, CA.

April Fools Day

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