A coincidence, fate or something else?

Call Me is a short award winning mysterious romantic comedy written by Arek Zasowski and co-directed by Arek Zasowski and Maegan Coker.


Vince and Julia are connected only by an old mysterious cell phone that Vince (Arek Zasowski) found in the forest. Is it a coincidence, fate or something else? If you were to find a cell phone, what would you do with it? Dr Vince Williams (Arek Zasowski) found a cell phone and called the only number on its contact list entitled CALL ME.

Call Me was initially developed and released as a mini series of 18 1-minute long episodes, that were later combined into a full version of the short film. Call Me was filmed on various practical locations in Europe, Africa and the USA including: London, England, Scotland, Poland, Nigeria, Atlanta, GA, New York, NY, as well as in Spain on Costa Del Sol and on Ibiza island.

Call Me won multiple awards at film festivals including Best International Romantic Comedy Short at the prestigious Golden State Film Festival held at the iconic TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood in February 2020.

Call Me

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