He was in a dark place, she showed him the light.

Chinese Angel is a short award winning drama written and directed by Sha Peng and co-directed by Arek Zasowski.

After losing his job and place to live, Spencer Thompson (Arek Zasowski), embarks on a journey with a plan to end his life. Spencer meets a young girl Angela (Cynthia Dou), who introduces herself as "Chinese Angel".

Chinese Angel was filmed on few practical locations across two continents in Canada, London, England and on the island of Cyprus.

In 2018, Chinese Angel won Silver REMI award in Dramatic - Original category at the 51st WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival in Houston, TX.  It was streaming on ShortsDaily channel available on Roku TV as part of Silver State Film Festival in Las Vegas, NV in December 2020.

Chinese Angel

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