They hacked the system, he is investigating.

Detective Jack Berdett is an award winning short sci-fi comedy written and directed by Arek Zasowski, starring Arek Zasowski, Lizet Benrey, Thom Michael Mulligan, Wendy Fout and Thomas Peterson.

New York City 2025, a mysterious organization hacks into a top secret research facility. Detective Jack Berdett (Arek Zasowski), a NYPD officer, half-human half-cyborg, is deployed to investigate.

Detective Jack Berdett won Best Visual Effects Award of Merit at the Vegas Movie Awards in Las Vegas, NV. It is the very first time Arek Zasowski was awarded for his work on visual special effects.

Detective Jack Berdett was screened on the big screen at the 2021 Culver City Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA.

Detective Jack Berdett (2021)

Detective Jack Berdett

Arek Zasowski
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