They escaped to be hunted down and to fight back.

Incoming Impact is an award winning short sci-fi comedy written and directed by Arek Zasowski starring Lizet Benrey, Francesca Cavallo, Martin Thompson amongst other talent.

Escaped from their distant planet Meroni 1, invaded by power-hungry supreme leader, Max (Arek Zasowski) and Melanie (Lizet Benrey) live happily on Earth, until one day…

It is the very first project in which Arek Zasowski, as a visual artist, worked on the visual special effects used in the film.

Incoming Impact won, amongst other awards, Best Sci-fi and Best Poster Awards of Merit at the Vegas Movie Awards in Las Vegas, NV.

Incoming Impact was screened on a big screen at the Culver City Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA and was streaming on Shorts Daily Channel available on Roku TV.

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Incoming Impact

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