Arek Zasowski with film director Sha Peng at the New York Film Academy in Burbank. 2016.

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Filming in Progress – Arek Zasowski (in character) on the film set of April Fools Day filmed at the backlot of the Universal Studios Hollywood as part of a week-long Acting For Film workshop held at the New York Film Academy. Burbank, August 2016. Arek Zasowski’s first appearance in a short film. Photo: Sha Peng.

Arek Zasowski

Arek Zasowski @ArekZasowski December 28, 2016 • London

I am on IMDb now and here is the link! Please take a look.

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Arek Zasowski @ArekZasowski September 21, 2016 • London

I had great pleasure to take part in a very informative “Secret of Great Stories” masterclass organised by the New York Film Academy and which was held at Soho Theatre in London. The masterclass was run by Paul Brown, an award-winning writer, director and producer who worked on such big productions like The X-Files and Star Trek Voyager and Enterprise just to name a few. Here is the link.

Arek Zasowski on IMDb

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