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Arek Zasowski, London based, Polish international film actor and director, with acting experience in Los Angeles, New York, London, Florence, Spain and Cyprus.

Arek Zasowski started his acting journey when he was about five years old, when Arek had the pleasure to perform in a play on stage for Christmas.

The role, that he now hardly remembers, was the very first moment that subconsciously sparked his love for acting… read more

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Thank you for visiting my website.

You will find here my latest demo reel together with few drama clips. You can find out more about me by looking at my resume, highlights and awards that I was honoured to receive.

Please feel free to explore my website further to see some of my short films which you can watch within the filmography. Please check me out on IMDb and say “Hi” via Instagram @ArekZasowski or Twitter @ArekZasowski.

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Latest News

November 5, 2019 —

ABC7 - "Call Me" Wins Best Mystery Short Award at the 2019 Marina del Rey Film Festival (
An award winning short mysterious romance returns on a big screen to the film capital of the world at the 8th Annual Marina del Rey Film Festival in Los Angeles…

November 2, 2019 — - Independent Filmmaking Excellence Showcased at the 2019 Marina del Rey Film Festival (
Anyone who has been to the Marina del Rey Film Festival can tell you about the amazing…

October 11, 2019 —

Come to see “Call Me” at the 2019 Marina Del Rey Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA, and receive free special edition “Call Me” postcard signed by me – October 24th, 2019, Cinemark 18 & XD (HHLA) The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center 6081 Center Dr, Los Angeles 90045.

October 1, 2019 —

NBC2 News - Silver State Film Festival 2019 Highlights (
Let Go: The Prelude is the very first short drama written directed and starred by award winning actor Arek Zasowski, with Viola Zasowska, Daniela Tanner, Costas Eleftheriou and Paul A. Taylor amongst other talent. The short film depicts the story of an adventurer archaeologist Henk…

September 13, 2019 —

ABC6 News - Arek Zasowski Wins Best Inspirational Short Award with “Let Go: The Prelude” at the 2019 Silver State Film Festival in Las Vegas, NV (

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Alternative Film Festival Winner

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“Chinese Angel” Official Trailer

After losing his job and place to live in deteriorating economic environment, Spencer Thompson (Arek Zasowski), a depression suffering financial consultant… Chinese Angel